Apr. 4th, 2008

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Springs here, okay it's not sunny but I can here birds chirping in my garden - probably a form of agression or attracting mating - but anyways, it's pretty. 

The badness, which was last year is starting to fade away, my parents split up just before Christmas. I've also been busy with all my podcasts - I'm on three now, and LJ stuff took the biggest hit. It doesn't look like I'll be escaping podcasting or the Whedon fandom anytime soon. *Dollhouse Squee!* 

I'm just finishing up a script for Buffy Between the Lines Season 2, and then later on I'll be writing the season final with [profile] sl_podcast(Tabz) - who is just to awesome for words. I've also been cast in a pretty big role. Tabz asked me why I hadn't posted about it, I think I was nervous of peoples reactions, I know it was one of the most popular parts auditioned for, and I'm worried people thinking I just got it because I'm good friends with the producers. They've of course been trying to beat it into my head, that I was really good and the best person for the roll. So, I'm going to be DRUSILLA! 

We're just about to start planning of Angel Between the Lines, which is going to be set in the summer between season 3 and 4.

Buffy Between the lines also won an award for best audio drama at The Podcast Peer Awards, which was described to me as the Emmys of the podcasting world.

And there's going to be a Live Show at Dragon*Con, which I'm going to this year as well as going to the Podcast and New Media Expo and hanging around with Tabz in LA. So, no Writers Con UK for me this year. :(
P.S. Is anyone one looking forward to Doctor Who Season 4 starting tomorrow. 'Cause I am!


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