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The full list for 2007: 

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 
Buffy Between the Lines (Fanfic Podcast): All episodes set between Season 5 and 6 of BtVS.
Buffybot Vs. The Watcher's Council - Skit.
CTRL + ALT + DEL - Co-wrote with [profile] sl_podcast . BuffyBot Centric.
She's More Than That - Spike Centic.
*Followed Footsteps – Yet to be released.
*Summers Women Should Never Celebrate Birthdays - Yet to be released.
We Can Run Away Now They’re All Dead and Gone - Ensemble (WIP) Part 1 completed. Chapter 8, Chapter 9, and Chapter 10.
Parting Words - Buffy & Joyce, Ficlet 
When it Rains Fire - Spike/Buffy, Ensemble, WIP 
Not Alone - Willow/Tara, Ficlet

How I Spent My Summer - Connor, Ficlet
Adapting to the Elements - Ensemble.

Storm's Getting Closure - Inara, River, Ficlet 
The Pilot - Wash, Mal, Zoe, Ficlet

Introduction - BtVS, Clem & Spike
Unappreciated - BtVS, Anya, hints of Anya/Xander 
Political Correctness - AtS, Harmony 
Arms – Firefly/Serenity, Jayne 
Misplaced - AtS, Puppet Angel 
Hope - AtS, Number 5 
Walls - AtS, Illyria & Spike
I Will Forget You - AtS, Doyle, hints of Cordelia/Doyle
Years Later I Still Remember You - AtS, Phantom Dennis
Resolution - AtS, Lorne
Girl in a Car - BtVS/AtS, Cordelia, hints of Xander/Cordelia
Ethics - Firefly/Serenity, Simon
People Aren’t Machines - BtVS, Warren, Anya
I Broke it - BtVS, Dawn
Ghosts - Firefly/Serenity, River
LA – BtVS, Buffy 

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Forgive me for not commenting in forever, lj buddies. I'm very busy, is all.

Here some of the stuff, I'm doing:

I'm temping for an agency: doing administrative and reception work; I've already worked at my local hospital's A & E department.

I'm the co-mod at [profile] kayleestill and [profile] general_firefly . I'm finding screencaps for the first one and writing a ficlets for the second one.

I'm betaing ten scripts for Buffy Between the Lines, I'm half way through that.

Writing an outline for Part 2 of my Buffy WIP, 'We Can Run Away Now They’re All Dead and Gone.' Part One, chapter 10 is done. I'm just waiting for it to be betaed – I've got more than one person looking at it.

I'm writing a challenge for a banner by [personal profile] bogwitchfor [community profile] writerconuk – there's still some places left  for the event, but if you can't make it you can still write something for one of the lovely banners.

And, I'm also hoping to write the first few chapters of my novel, over the next few months.

Finally, love to you all; 'specially [profile] athenamuze, [personal profile] hesadevil, [profile] myfeetshowit, [profile] sl_podcast, [profile] spikendru, and [profile] stretfordditto. You've all have helped me, to develop my skills as a writer and to have some confidence in myself.


May. 29th, 2007 09:07 pm
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Could anyone beta a fic for me. It’s an Angel story, set during the summer between season 3 and 4. The characters in it are Connor, Fred, Gunn, Justine, Lilah and Wesley. I'm mostly looking for help with spelling and grammar but I'll listen to any else you have to say.  

The only problem is that I’d need it done by Thursday, which is the closing date for the challenge at General Buffy. I’ll credit you as beta and write you a drabble of ficlet of your choice. 

It’s almost finished and I should be able to email it sometime tonight.

Thank you!
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For anyone who cares, yes I love my Buffy comics. I read them all yesterday evening. And that's all I'm going to say, no talk about canon.

For anyone following my Buffy WIP, I'm back working on that. 

I've also become a co-mod at General Firefly Fanfic. We've got a challenge over the next two weeks to write a firefly general fic around the word rain. The winner will get a custom made banner for their fic made by [profile] sl_podcast. (who made the pretties below.) 

We've got a contest at the Buffy Between the Lines website so check that out. You know if you want, sorry for the spam. If you want any ficy goodness you can check out a ficlet I wrote at the begining of the week, if you haven't already read it.

Very Busy

Mar. 28th, 2007 11:22 am
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Just a quick post to let you all know that I'm going to be away from livejournal for a few weeks. I'm writing for [profile] sl_podcast on Buffy Between the Lines and dead line is 21st of April (one day before my Birthday!) and I'm down to write 1 episode and 2 halfs of other episodes which is a lot of work. So bye all.

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The wonderful [profile] sl_podcast is putting together a Buffy audio drama and is in need of some more writers. If this sounds interesting and you want to get involved please email her at 'supcomtabz @ It's shaping up to be a really great project.


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First the Banners - one win and one nomination. 

Which can be found here.

'Years Later I Still Remember You' has been nominated in the Only Me category (Thank you [profile] stretfordditto .) 

And, I've got a job interview for Friday at last and for the job I really want. I haven't gotten it yet but it's better than no interview - ekkk Friday can't get here quick enough and all the forms I've got fill in before... scary.


I'm feeling much better today. Yay, I offically love my f-list. *hugs* Now I'm going to try and write something.

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*sigh*  )


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