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Title: Very Nearly Deceiving Your Friends
Author: Aurey09
Fandom: Veronica Mars
Chapter: 2/?
Characters/pairing: L/V and cast.
Spoilers: All of season 1.
Word Count: 1401
Rating: PG-13
Summery: Set during the last day of ‘Weapons of Class Destruction’ and eventually AU.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
A/N: Thanks for the beta [profile] rowanceleste

“In case you were wondering, Mr Clemmons? Not pleased.”

Just as predicted. Wallace greets me with news paper in hand. Free-school press pisses Clemmons off, I should make a note of that: truth, justice all that crap wins you many enemies, I already have too many of those.

“I’ve lost sleep over it.” I’m sure Wallace wouldn’t want the real reason for my lack of sleep, butchered best friends and slightly reformed psychotic jackasses, who’s mouth I recently investigated with my mouth, turning up in my dreams, it’s no wonder I’m not getting any quality sleep.

“Did you have to mention Norris’ school records? Someone could have put two and two together.”

Really Wallace. Like I’m going to give up my only way into the schools permanent records, on pain of death or at least threats of pain equal to that of death.

“They will have to really speak sharply to me before I reveal my sources.” That seems to have got Wallace off red-alert and merrily onto his next class.

I head off to the journalism room. Tawdry scandals are perhaps going to be taking a break from print if Clemmons gets his way. And besides I have my own tawdry to deal with in the shape of Logan Echolls. I’m sure in some countries his mouth is illegal, I‘ll perhaps book a flight to one.

I meet his eyes when I walk into the room. Logan is intense, I’ve noted it before but damn, I’ve never been the object of said gaze before in this particular context. I’m not going to look away, this is the chicken of all stare outs. Logan breaks eye contact first, but it’s not too long before he’s looking up at me again.

“Listen up everybody, I have an announcement.” Ms Stafford breaks through my haze, hello reality - did I just get girlish and swoony? Never happened. I don’t do that, not anymore. I move along the table looking for a seat, while fixing my eyes on Ms Stafford.

“I just heard that Norris Clayton is being released later today.” I skip my normal desk, navigating my way to the centre desk without looking at Logan, let me tell you, trying not to stare at someone while you’re walking is just asking for an accident to happen. Not to mention, if I stare at him much longer, my face may go up in flames. Human combustion isn’t the best way to go. I allow myself one more look. Pretending Ms. Stafford has his rapt attention, is he? I better do the same.

“The charges have been dropped thanks to a certain high school newspaper’s front page story.” She beams, actual glowing of skin. “And I’m sorry to report that today is my last day teaching at Neptune High.”

“It’s been a real kick working with all of you.” Ms. Stafford looks over at me with pride and I can’t help returning it. I have to respect her.

“Now, I’d appreciate it if you could work independently. Your sub will arrive shortly.”

She collects her papers and leaves the room. I should have learnt by now doing the right thing gets you nowhere in Neptune, but I still have to try.

“Okay buckaroos, we’re burning daylight in here. We need stories. Who’s got something?” Her sacrifice means something, but only to me.

A few hands go up, but the mining for fresh Neptune journalistic dirt isn’t going any where.

“I’m sure someone has an idea for a story.” I ask, looking round the classroom. Who said high school students where apathetic? I pick on a few people to see if they have something, prompts and all - nothing.

“Aren’t you all sexy and domineering.” Logan chirps in. There’s a playful note under the seemly sarcastic comment, you just have to look really hard. I can practically hear Lilly laugh at that playful note in my head. You are hotness Veronica Mars! I’d expected him to ignore me after the hesitant looks. I forgot for a minute I’m not in an Austin novel and nothing about Logan hints at any repressed sexuality. I don’t think Lilly or Logan even comprehended the word ‘repressed’, at least not in relation to themselves.

I sit back down, and load up all the photos from my camera onto the computer. The last few days were snap shots of Ben and Norris. The later ones show evidence of Logan’s assault on Agent Ben. I was sure Logan only punched him a few times, but he must have put some power behind them. Sure, I’ve seen Logan in fights. I’ve seen him take a tire-iron to my headlights, but Ben’s face was something new. No wonder Ben hadn’t relaxed until there was a door between them, not just a federal badge. And why had Logan swooped in to beat the crap out of Ben? Well, the best I can tell it was for me.

Logan sits next to me. I pretend to be entranced by the lack of appropriate information on my screen. It seems that I’ve been stealthily avoiding him, not the other way around.

He’s watching me. I know the feeling of some one’s eyes zooming in on me, I’ve been on enough stakeouts to know when my presence has been compromised. That’s when you make a break for it or intimidate them with Backup and a tazer, but preferable you get the hell out. I might consider dropping all my classes, if it weren’t for the shiny diploma waiting for me at the end of high school.

“That would make good desktop wallpaper.” Not his best line but I feel my mouth twist into a grin as I look at the colourful explosion across Agent Ben’s face on my monitor. “It’s a work of art really, rich red and striking purples,” he quips.

“Picasso ain’t got nothing on you.”

Logan grins and leans over to get a better look at my screen - boy, do I feel uncomfortable.

“If only you’d left me alone with him for five more minutes, he’d look even more colourful.”

“Did you want jail time? Orange is so not your colour.” He grins at me in response. Come on Logan, soft, shy grins are not your style. We don’t have time to say anything else, before the new substitute shows up. I’m sure they’ll be pulling people of the streets next, who needs qualifications to teach high school classes anyway.
- - - - - - - - - -

I go to my locker to get the books for my next class. We got let out early since the substitute didn’t think there was any news for us to report. Maybe she was waiting for the next Neptune High bake sale?

“We need to talk.” Logan says, keeping his distance. There’s a slight awkwardness in his voice.

“Weren’t we just talking a minute ago, remember with sentence clauses, vowels, consonants, anything sounding familiar?” I turn away from him, because it’s same look I got before high-tailing it from the Camelot motel. If only I knew what it meant.

“I’ve got to go to History class, so make it quick.” For some reason lying to Logan isn’t as easy as Lilly used to make it look, and all my after school espionage is coming up short.

I try to walk away, but Logan’s hand has found itself snug in the crook of my arm. I stare, last time he stopped me this exact way we ended up making out. The insane part of me, that is also lustfully giddy, makes me forget I have a lovely boyfriend named Leo and has become fine with the idea of Logan putting his hands on me. I don’t have time to think what that means because the hand unwraps itself and its owner slinks back a few steps.


I lean back on my locker, his body comes to rest near mine. We snicker softly, still not looking at one another. Crazy.

The bell rings for the next class, bodies file out, and we’re forced into silence again.

I slip my hand into my bag and produce keys. “Want skip school and go for a drive? We can talk without the whole school bearing witness.” I’m not sure what the world is coming to anymore, when I’m the one to suggest skipping school. Maybe I should be planning for the apocalypse.

He nods. This is going to go well… 

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